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Kevin Liang was born in China in 1957. Kevin studied Chinese literature in the Jinan University from 1979 to 1982.

Kevin emigrated from China to New York in 1982. There he attended Queens College where he studied art and computer graphics. Later he has devoted his time to oil paintings.

Kevin's remarkable work emphasizes on color- at first in austere, realistic image and later leading to the brilliant, high-keyed landscape. These brilliant pigments visually combine with subtler adjacent mixtures. The intensified version of landscape appear to be illuminated by it own light source.

His recent landscape paintings strongly represent a source of emotional, spiritual well being and left the picture out of literal into realm of the poetic. His paintings are introspective and gently remind us of importance of tranquility and poetic feeling. His paintings are often described as silent poems, his poems as spoken paintings.

Kevin has traveled extensively to exhibit his art wroks. He paints most of his new style paintings directly outdoor from nature to quickly capture the ture effects of color and light.

Kevinís paintings have been shown in many art galleries and art shows around the country. He has numerous awards and a lengthy list of exhibits to his credit. His paintings have been widely collected by many corporations and private collectors. Some of the Kevinís paintings are published and distributed by Modernart Editions, an international fine art publisher.

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Kevin Liang
2645 Batchelder Street
Brooklyn, NY 11235
Phone:(718) 809-8811
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