Kevin painted most of the paintings directly from nature when he traveled <br>
around the country. he paints oil on woodboard. Each painting is mounted<br>
on the white board with beautiful autumn silver frame.<br>

(Update by 9/1/2017)

Summer Path(sold)
Spring Blossom(sold)
Sunset in FL(sold)
Spring Hill
No Name
May in MI
Summer in Ohio
Summer in Ohio(sold)
Summer in Ohio(sold)
Autumn Festival
Autumn in NH
Autumn in Central Park
Autumn in Long Island(sold)
Autumn in PA
Autumn Hill
Everglades in Florida
Early Autumn
Spring Morning
Mountain View(sold)
Everglades FL
Sheepshead Bay NY
August in Naperville IL(sold)
Autumn in NH
Summer Path
Snow in Long Island NY
Lakeside View
Sunset in Ohio
Autumn Reflection
Mountain View
Autumn Trail
Summer Path in PA
Sun Last Ray(sold)
Autumn in NY

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